Medical Medium Psychotherapist, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, and Crystal Bowl Healing

Anaya has an ability to connect to the place where the client is feeling stuck, lost and in pain and assist them to move through it to a place of stability, strength and power. Working with clients experiencing trauma, her knowledge and life experiences provide a safe and nurturing environment to promote profound healing.

Anaya will work with you with whatever presents. She specialises in crisis and trauma including physical, sexual and mental health, suicidal ideation, addictions, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD,  homelessness, relationship issues, self esteem, negative body image and food challenges.


Services Anaya Offers


Medical Medium Psychotherapy

A medical medium psychotherapy session provides an opportunity to explore any physical and emotional health conditions the client is facing, even if terminal illness is being faced. This work helps to bring an awareness of unhealthy ways of being, so that positive change can occur and raise ones level of consciousness.

So what is a medical medium? Medical medium work is based on energy work. A medical medium is a person who works with spirit and uses their intuitive abilities to find the cause behind a person’s physical or emotional conditions.

A session may involve talking or laying down, depending on the clients individual needs. We may choose to be silent or talking. We can also use psychotherapy, to begin to explore what is happening for the client. The medical medium energies work at a deep cellular level, addressing issues in the energetic and physical bodies where physical conditions may exist.



Meditation is about clearing the mind and assisting inner balance. It helps with health issues, stress, depression and anxiety. Meditation is calming on the nervous system and assists one to turn awareness within. Over time, it helps your awareness to become finer and clearer. It can take many forms and shapes.



Soul Psychotherapy assists people to move from lower negative and unhealthy ego ways of being, into life affirming and soulful ways. By accessing patterns, behaviours and emotions that feel negative, the charge can then be released, bringing your level of consciousness up and therefore raising your energy vibration. This assists in initiating, making and solidifying in life changing behaviours which brings balance within.


Yoga and Yoga Therapy

Yoga used in one on one therapy is an amazing, integral tool to assist in calming a hyper stimulated nervous system. It is fantastic for assisting in helping with anxiety and depression.


Crystal Bowl Healing

The goal of Crystal Sound Therapy is to promote deep peace and relaxation, reduce stress and pain, develop self awareness and consciousness and to clarify personal vision.

When we are in a relaxed balanced state, it is easier for transformation and healing to occur.


My Story

Anaya has over 30 years experience in the health industry, as a nurse, with over a decade’s experience in adolescent health. Anaya works as a multi modality holistic healer and is passionate about helping self and others. Her life experiences and overcoming her own personal challenges uniquely position Anaya as a therapist in helping to raise one’s level of consciousness, enhancing ones health and life and the journey into the heart and beyond.


"A session with Anaya Grace is a unique experience.  Her sessions are deeply healing, incredibly nurturing and transformative. After the session with Anaya, I was blown away by my capacity to alter an eating pattern that was unchanged from childhood."

P. Allen

"The depth of Anaya's compassion is immeasurable. As a therapist you can be anything in her presence and there is no judgement.  Her openness and soft presence provides a nurturing space to look at confronting issues with courage and confidence, Anaya's intuition is spot on."

Claire Rose

"After experiencing quite a few sessions with Anaya, I can say in all honesty Anaya is a most powerful healer. She assists you to reach depths that are impossible to reach on your own. For anyone looking for deep healing and growth, I cannot recommend Anaya highly enough. When word gets out, you’ll be lucky to get a booking. Do yourself a favour, book in and experience an intuitive healing with true soul depth. You have to experience it to truly grasp how amazing it really is."


"Anaya has a truly unique gift which can only be truly understood by experiencing therapy with her. She can see physical and non physical ailments, entities, blockages, past lives and much more.. she then goes about restoring balance to the physical and energy bodies, removing and clearing the ill health and restoring balance. Deep healing results and a sense of knowing and understanding thyself emerges. She is empathetic to all people and to every situation. I have seen and experienced truly amazing things happen in her session."

Sally Louise

Anaya's Blog

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Anaya has studied extensively and holds recognised qualifications and/or expertise in the following modalities:

Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness

Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy

Advanced Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy

Hatha Yin Yoga teaching training

Reiki Master

Colour Therapist

TFT Therapist

Archetype therapy

Chakra Rebalancing

Sound Healing

Advanced Qi Gong student and teacher

Division 1 Nursing qualifications and experience in a diverse range of areas: including metal and sexual health, emergency, haemodialysis, theatre, high dependency care, surgical and medical nursing, paediatrics, cardiac, burns, aged care and district nursing

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