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Barney helps people to understand and rise above their anger.


Services Barney Offers

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Calm Space Workshop

I offer Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshops for those seeking a deeper understanding of anger and other negative emotions, and how to rise above them.  During the Calm Space workshop I will explain how anger operates within the subconscious mind, and how it is often subconsciously protecting a deep hurt or core issue within a person.  Anger can be a defensive reaction whenever someone else triggers that painful place within, as it is too painful to even approach that hurt, and people often lash out in ignorance, unaware of what they are doing.  In some cases, the subconscious mind has a tendency to gloss over the angry reaction afterwards, as if it never happened, again protecting the hurt place deep in the subconscious mind.  

Calm Space offers a way out of this vicious cycle, by first providing a higher understanding of the subconscious mind and the how long held beliefs and behaviour patterns evolve.  The calm space workshop then offers a way to dismantle these subconscious beliefs, and a way to replace these systems with a new way of being in the world that serves the person rather than working against them.

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Calm Space Psychotherapy

For those who are passionate about changing their behaviour, I assist through one-on-one psychotherapy sessions to instigate change by offering various options that are tailored to each individual clients needs to allow them to discharge their rage in a safe environment.  Once the anger has exhausted itself it is often easier to access the deeply buried emotion underneath that is the ultimate cause of the problem. 

I also offer psychotherapy for anyone who is looking to change a behaviour that isn’t related to anger, including relationship counselling, and other conventional problem areas.

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Calm Space Support Group

Calm Space is an assembly of people who are all interested in rising above anger and developing themselves.  It is an extension of the Calm Space workshops where anger and other negative emotions are explored further in a smaller group setting on a regular basis.  The benefits of group therapy are many and it helps to meet like-minded individuals who are also battling the same demons inside of themselves.  Various themes are explored in a non-judgemental atmosphere, with meditation and other resources incorporated to enhance the healing process.

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"Barns anger management workshop really helped awaken me to ways I was suppressing anger unknowingly. I thought that I was pretty free from being angry these days, but hearing Barns' own journey made me realise I still was unconsciously holding onto some of it deep down. Barns helped me bring it up to the surface and diffuse some of the anger I was holding onto by not expressing my inner frustrations which was causing me to be unnecessarily agitated within certain situations in my life. I highly recommend attending Barns' workshops or therapy sessions. He puts you immediately at ease and is very intuitive with what you may be suppressing under the surface. Thank you barns for making me aware of what I was holding onto and causing some unhealthy patterns within my life."

Shaun Doyle

My Story

In my early years, I encountered and absorbed plenty of anger. As a result, I remember telling myself that I would never be like that.  So I went the opposite way and instead of exploding at people, I went out of my way to please them (passive anger).  Passive anger takes energy to submerge and hold there…it’s like trying to hold a basketball underwater.  I discovered that this didn’t work either and one day I punched a concrete wall, breaking my hand.  Then I started a long journey of self-exploration and development where I eventually came across a map of the levels of human consciousness, created by David Hawkins.  The Levels Of Consciousness (LOC) is a guide to help people identify where parts of them are at, and it offers an alternative higher way of being in the world.  I haven’t yet transcended Anger, but I’m doing my best to respond appropriately instead of exploding or trying to please people.

Becoming angry is a reaction to something, rather than a response.  Generally, it is a result of not getting something…an unmet want.  You want something, and you’re not getting it, so you react angrily.  

I grew up in Melbourne but I “went Bush” straight after school, working as a Jackeroo to begin with, then shearing, the canefields, gold mines, deckhand work, and a Park Ranger position in the Northern Territory.  I eventually settled in the Byron Bay Shire where I managed organic farms and immersed myself in self-development.  My early years feel like a search for true Manhood, or the highest male form I could achieve.  The Byron Bay experience was more like the opposite. 

Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ, is an extension of all those years of self-development, and I offer other people the opportunity to explore inwards.  Meditation, psychotherapy, workshops, and group sessions are used to excavate buried emotions and subconscious patterns that don’t serve us.  Anger and other negative emotions are deeply looked at from a place of non-judgement and confidentiality, the intention being to understand and transcend these emotions and belief systems.  A new, more positive story can then replace the old one in order to live a higher existence with choices that serve us, rather than being ruled by our emotions.



Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy, 2018
Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness, 2018
Reiki Level 1 and 2

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