Wellbeing Practitioner

 Soul Psychotherapist - Kinesiologist Hypnotherapist - Yoga and  Meditation

With over 20 years experience, Jacqui is a wellbeing practitioner who assists clients in honouring their individual journey through life. In the particular therapeutic perspectives that Jacqui uses there is a space offered to clients as an opportunity to address, and potentially move beyond,  any limiting beliefs and/or behaviours that may be impacting on their life. 

Soul Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology are highly effective for such conditions as anxiety (and/or relaxation), addictions (eg. Smoking, alcohol and drug addiction), weight loss,  Family and couples counselling and personal challenges and issues. 




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Soul Psychotherapy

Jacqui specializes in Soul Psychotherapy, a healing modality that empowers a client to make higher choices for their ongoing wellbeing. Bringing extensive experience to this advanced technique that offers a client a deep space of healing and the potential for unblocking and releasing past emotional experiences that may often be debilitating in their present life.

Soul Psychotherapy is a heart focused, transformative experience that may elevate mind and spirit and provide many answers that were previously out of reach. Jacqui has a unique way of ‘holding a space of allowing’ for a client where they can receive 'clarity of mind soul and spirit'. In this space a deep intuitive knowing can arrive for a client that may enable them to forge their own unique life path and open the way for creating a life of joy and happiness within.  

Jacqui is passionate about this technique and has done many hours of meditation and practice to support herself as a dedicated healing practitioner.

Annika is a healer - specifically Reconnective Healing - and she is really adamant about the process


Kinesiology is an alternate health modality that was created from Chiropractics. Several decades ago Chiropractors began to realise that their chiropractic manipulations did not ‘hold’ and it was found that the body soon ‘returned’ to the previous condition due to imbalances in the holistic system of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Kinesiology is a system that assists in identifying blockages that create imbalance and returns balance on a holistic level.  Through a feedback system via muscle testing the body identifies vital information that is used for a return to balance and homeostasis.

Jacqui has been practicing kinesiology for more than 20 years and deeply enjoy assisting people in their return to a balanced life and more fulfilling life experience. 

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Hypnotherapy is a modality that assists in many conditions especially habits and addictive behaviour. . The method used helps a person to bypass their conscious mind and find effective relief in many conditions such as smoking and weight loss. Jacqui is a hypnotherapy clinician and recommends the integrity of this method.


“Thank you Jacqui for helping me to understand what was really going on between my partner Geoffrey and me. You showed me how to apply different ways of communicating with him that was truly effective. And you led me to becoming more aware of my own behaviour and helped me to come from a more loving space within my spirit.”

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My Story

“Walking hand in hand with clients at a deep level, guiding clients to a loving understanding of themselves and their life journey, this is my motivating principle.”

I am an experienced practitioner of several modalities including Soul Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Kinesiology and Indian Head Massage.  I am also a yoga teacher and meditation teacher.

Previously I was a Social Worker in my former working life and worked extensively with families, couples and children.  I bring to the current healing modalities a wealth of experience both professionally and personally.

I have assisted many people in opening themselves to a more fulfilling life and have guided them to their ‘true potential’.  Whether practicing Soul Psychotherapy, Kinesiology or Indian Head Massage, I connect compassionately and empathetically with a client and their experiences.

My heartfelt energy and joyful spirit can ‘gift’ a client in finding their ‘authentic self’, their path to freedom.  I have an exuberance for life and relish the opportunity to transform challenge to a positive insightful perspective for clients. 

I look forward to assisting you on your personal path.



Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Social Work

Diploma of Soul Psychotherapy

Diploma of Hypnotherapy

Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness

Kinesiology - Touch for Health 1 & 2

PKP 1,2,3,4

Diploma of Yoga

Reiki 1 & 2

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