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Jo Solomon is a Soul Focused Psychotherapist trained in Meditation & Mindfulness, Hatha Yoga and Therapeutic Massage. She offers private 1:1 Psychotherapy sessions, regular classes, workshops and 30 day online group practices in Gratitude and Conscious Eating.

These services combine with a devoted pathway towards Self Awareness that has helped her to grow in consciousness through the experiences life has given her. Jo has travelled through a lot personally, including childhood divorce, rape as a teenager, and anxiety and trauma that led to chronic long term depression. She has experienced the trauma of her own “failed” marriage, divorce and child custody disputes.

Jo reached the darkest depths of despair along with the suicidal tendencies that are found there. She experienced, managed and is recovering from Chronic Adrenal Fatigue and an autoimmune disease. She has found her way through all of this darkness and self-hatred to increasing daily experiences of Joy and Peace. All of this while parenting four children including teens and 5yo twins.

Jo admits she hasn’t always done it “perfectly” and it certainly wasn’t always “easy”, but she is perfecting how to live life and all its complexities with a higher degree of consciousness. As such, she gives you a unique and holistic (whole–istic) support to approaching your personal growth, recovery and return to vibrant wellbeing. This is given from integrity, with depth, vibrancy, compassion and authenticity.

From this experience, study and training,  Jo specialises in helping people discover relaxation & calm and move towards transforming their thinking and beliefs. She supports people towards finding their own truths, stability, personal solidity and pathway to live in happiness no matter what is unfolding around them. She helps people face their demons in ways only someone who has faced their own and thrived can actually do.


Services Jo Offers

Alongside her deep personal experiences and daily practices, Jo utilises a combination of the following services to support personal transformation for Body, Mind and Soul.



In 1:1 sessions, Jo helps you find stillness for deep inquiry and utilises a unique blend of Soul Focused Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy that’s intuitively created for your uniqueness. As such each session whilst similar to the last is also quite variable depending on the combination of therapies and wisdom drawn upon.

The sessions are done with eyes closed as a way of accessing the deeply unconscious thoughts, beliefs and the behaviours that reside within. It is these thoughts that you are believing that give rise to the suffering for you. In these sessions we get to bring these in to your conscious awareness and hold them up to inquiry.

This journey into yourself is revealing and often there is a breakdown and release of long held patterns and core pain.

Please feel welcome to contact Jo for more information regarding Psychotherapy.

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Therapeutic Massage

Jo is a specialist in Relaxation & Calm and works with you to create YOUR perfect massage each and every time you visit. From the moment you walk in, until the moment you leave, Jo is giving you an experience – one of depth, compassion, nurture and transformation through healing touch.

During your massage Jo uses a blend of soft hand pressure, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. As your body communicates to her, she will also be checking in with you during your massage. Some visits you may need gentle and loving healing touch to find the deepest relaxation. Other visits you may prefer deeper pressure and trigger point releases, or perhaps a blend of the two. Increasingly clients are combining massage with Reiki or Psychotherapy.

Remember, this is YOUR massage. It can be done with talk, or be in deep silence… it’s up to you.

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Beginner Hatha Yoga

Create a positive relationship with yoga and your body whilst gaining strength, flexibility and balance in body and mind. Uncover a more grounded and relaxed you and build connections with like-minded people in this homely, fun, relaxed and really personalised class.

This ongoing weekly class teaches you the Foundations of Hatha Yoga. It’s a beginner level class suited to anyone new to yoga (subject to health) or those returning to a regular practice who want to become more solid in their foundation poses. Meditation is incorporated throughout every class.

Tuesdays 10am and 6.30pm for 75 minutes. All equipment is provided.



My Story

Jo has searched for years for a deeper experience and understanding of life. This ache continues to guide her on a continuous evolution into increasing self-awareness. At the same time this has given rise to daily practices in meditation, qigong and yoga.

Jo is passionate about sharing the changes that can be experienced from such a journey. To help deliver this passion she has undertaken various study to bring this to you.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) Deakin University

  • Applied Science (Equine Management) Melbourne University

  • Psychology Deakin University - withdrawn

  • Social Work Deakin University - withdrawn

  • Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy

  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Hypnosis

  • Reiki & Seichim

  • Diploma of Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Diploma of Hatha Yoga

  • Certificate in Yin Yoga

  • Master Yoga teacher training


But Life Experience has taught her more…

Jo believes that academic study and training on its own doesn’t make her a great or even a good therapist or life coach. She believes it’s experience that really matters.

Her amazing life (though there have been many times it hasn’t felt amazing at all!) has allowed her to combine various knowledge pathways with extensive life experiences from healing from divorce and rape trauma, years of travel around Australia and some deep soul searching on the mountains in Peru and deep in the jungles of Bolivia, various work situations in many occupations, changing relationships (oh boy!), marriage breakdown, motherhood (four children: two teenagers and 5yo twins), chronic illness and fatigue and a devoted spiritual path. It hasn’t always been easy…

It may help you to know that Jo has travelled through the depths of suicidal depression, severe anxiety and chronic illness (autoimmune diseases and adrenal fatigue). Because of this intense journey she can bring to you deep authenticity and integrity to her work, helping you and others to live with and overcome your own stress, anxiety and depression.

Jo's Blog

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Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing),  Deakin University
Applied Science (Equine Management),  Melbourne University
NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
Reiki & Seichim
Diploma of Mindfulness and Meditation
Diploma of Hatha Yoga
Certificate in Yin Yoga

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