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Healing Practitioner at Weisenberger Health

Linda has a passion for facilitating positive transformation within her clients. She works on a range of issues, including anxiety, relationship problems, stress, depression, internal conflicts, addiction, weight regulation, sleeping problems, emotional and mental blocks. While working with her clients, Linda loves watching their vitality and wellbeing improve, resulting in greater happiness and success in their lives. Since 2016, Linda has been teaching a weekly Mindfulness and Meditation class on Mondays. Contact Linda for more information.


Linda - Weisenberger Health

Facilitating Positive Transformation

Experience a range of benefits...

... Are you longing to lead a less anxious, stressed and depressed life, while building and maintaining a more loving and peaceful relationship with yourself and others? Are you wanting to be more energetic and confident? Do you want to feel less irritable, angry, despondent, nervous, reactive, heavy, sluggish, dissatisfied? Are you ready to be more creative, positive, optimistic, centered and connected? 

I am here to assist you in your journey into wellness. In order to help you reach your therapeutic goals, I eclectically combine a number of healing modalities, which include Mindfulness and Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Soul Focused Psycotherapy and Reiki . A range of different opportunities and tools will be offered to you. You are the only person in charge of your own self-development, and as such you will choose the modalities, opportunities and tools that that best suit you. I will provide a safe and conducive environment to support your growth.

Misty Slope

My Story

Since I can remember, I have always known that there was more to life than just the everyday activities that one gets normally involved in. With such Inner knowing seated deep in my Heart, I have been searching, exploring and learning in both the Inner and Outside worlds.

Born in Italy, I have completed a University Degree in English and Spanish Literature and a Masters to teach Second Languages. I am a qualified teacher and have completed a Post-Graduate Degree in Teaching Religious Education. I have completed a certificate in Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in Counselling, as well as a Diploma in Soul Focused Psychotherapy. I am a passionate and experienced Mindfulness and Meditation teacher. I am a Reiki Master and have been learning and practising Qi-Gong regularly fosince 2007.

I have a real passion for exploring the Inner worlds of emotions, thoughts and feelings, and for leading others into those areas that I know well. While I am still learning in both worlds, it gives me great delight to share the knowledge I have been pursuing and cultivating through my own personal journey.



"I first tried meditation 20 years ago to help reduce anxiety levels and muscle tension. In recent years I have regularly attended groups in Geelong and around the Surfcoast. I first attended Linda’s Mindfulness Meditation classes in 2017.

Linda has a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life and experience as a schoolteacher and trained meditation facilitator. This provides a warm and welcoming environment. Through attendance at Linda’s classes I have gained the benefits of regular meditation practice and also by meeting and getting to know others in the group, a greater sense of community and the importance of this. Linda’s classes are a great way to relax and I would recommend them to meditators of all levels!"

Rob Godden

"Mindfulness - food for the soul. Life has presented me with many challenges which I have struggled to find some peace of mind. Switch my brain off and give too my self. This may sound selfish but in reality it is the healing power to keep us focused and stronger.

It is a gift to be able to focus on ‘the now’ and not tread water in ‘ the past’ and become anxious of ‘the future’.

‘Live now and be now’ which meditation gives you. Especially when you experience a very special guide through each meditation session as you do with Linda De Marco. I continually thank my friend who took me to my first session with Linda, as this was the perfect gift at a time when I had a need for calmness of the mind. May this growth continue."



"Linda is great! She is very calm and attentive during sessions. Every visit with her results in an accomplishment for me.

Linda has a way of zeroing in on issues that need addressing, it’s almost like she has a sixth sense and I have made enormous progress since working with her. I love Linda's style and abilities!"


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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 
Master of Arts 
Graduate Diploma of Education
Diploma of Counselling 
Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy 
Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness 
Reiki Master 
Certificate of Hypnotherapy 
Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education

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