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Meditation Teacher, Qi Gong Facilitator, Soul Focused Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor & Healing Touch/Reiki for trauma release.

The therapies Marise Jose offers are embedded in her rich exploration of not only intellectual endeavor but lived experience that has taken her to many parts of the world. Her experience connects with the deep parts within us that understand the language of love and compassion, while her many years of study allows her to make the required links and suggestions that a client requires for prompt and lasting change. Read more about Marise in "My Story" or click "Contact" to see website.


BODY  Understand the chemistry of the body and improve the function of the body through Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong and Therapeutic Touch through Stillness Meditation.
MIND  connect with the belief systems that drive your life and begin to change old thinking patterns through Psychotherapy
SOUL  learn about the consciousness levels that direct your behavior and begin to choose the levels from which you wish to function. Qi Gong, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation, Therapeutic Touch through Stillness Meditation can all assist.

Services Marise Offers



This therapy assists clients to “see” solutions to difficult issues that continue to recur, provides relief from and release of trauma and leads people towards helpful ways of being with emotions. The client has the eyes closed and is asked to direct awareness towards the feelings rather than the mind and thinking in order to access the core of the issue. When conditions persist, an underlying unconscious belief exists and to access the belief we look towards the feelings as the clues leading towards the belief that needs changing. This therapy is also greatly enhanced by the Qi Gong training of the therapist. Qi Gong practitioners can feel and read the energy of a situation and can feed this back to the client in ways that can be easily and gently integrated.

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Qi Gong and Meditation

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese Meditation practice that has both sitting and moving techniques and is a system that can take a person from beginner to Master level. It is not a haphazard approach to meditation but rather a system that reads a person’s capacity to integrate the current technique before moving on to the next one in the series. It charts and enhances a person’s emotional and mental strength and prepares a person for a more active and fulfilling life. Personal sessions are available to learn the techniques or book into the small group sessions where level 1 techniques are offered. If a person is interested in further study to tap into the benefits of meditation, to deepen one’s own practice or to teach meditation then the Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness is worth considering.

See the website and access the blog for a more comprehensive look at the various meditation system you can book into.

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Yoga as Medicine

The benefits of yoga as a physical practice are well documented and you can book into various Yoga classes with me during the week. My aim however is to introduce students to the art of Yoga as a spiritual practice and a system, like Qi Gong, that develops a person’s capacity to “know thyself” and live from an awakened state. When this is accessed Yoga becomes Medicine. To experience Yoga as Medicine book into the Yoga by the Lake Retreat days that occur every 3 months, a private session or book in to study the Chakra System.

Read the posts on my blog to find out about the Yoga Day Retreats and the Chakra System.

My Story

I was born in Spain and travelled to Australia as a young child. Some of my primary schooling was completed in Spain as we returned 3 times. These formative years exposed me to many and varied ways of living and an interest in the deep calling people often experience to change their lives in some way. The life of my parents and the migrants that became my community was an introduction to the journey people take to find meaning, connection, a place that feels like home and a way to contribute to society that is purposeful. It shaped me to search for the hidden treasures within people’s hearts and it wasn’t long before I was introduced to meditation and yoga as a way of understanding the search for wholeness. At 17, when such modalities were still relatively new, I received my first formal technique and felt the power embedded in these practices. I became an English teacher and travelled to various parts of the world sharing the English language, Yoga and Meditation. The positive results of a sustained meditation practice within the field of education became glaringly obvious to me. Students’ capacity to learn and integrate new material was heightened and over the years I became part of teams that introduced basic mindfulness practices within various education settings.

Further study in Meditation and Mindfulness with Dr John Dapuche, Pauline McKinnon, Dr Richard Chambers, Wayne Linton and many others solidified my awareness of how meditation, understanding consciousness and body work like Yoga all help at levels that do not only enhance education but are also therapeutic. A person’s capacity to learn and integrate new ways of perceiving situations is linked with wellness and being able to heal. This healing occurs at a physical level, emotional level and most importantly at the level of the mind to break negative belief systems. Qi Gong training with a Master in this field and Diplomas in Psychotherapy confirmed this reality to such an extent that I shifted my focus and began to dedicate myself to assisting people in a therapeutic capacity. I am currently at the Masters level of Qi Gong and the tradition has assisted me with maintaining my own wellness and helping others to attain mental & physical health through offering psychotherapy, Yoga and Qi Gong classes.

Today I continue to teach year 12 English and to connect with young people. I also teach a Diploma in Meditation and Mindfulness to adult students interested in deepening their practice and possibly leading their own meditation groups. For those students hungry to know more about energy, consciousness and how to change the brain there is also the opportunity to learn Qi Gong Techniques and I have been leading groups in the Level 1 Qi Gong series for 8 years. I also run weekly Yoga classes and Yoga Retreats that embed meditation, Qi Gong and consciousness awareness with in the classes. Psychotherapy can be accessed if students wish to explore areas that continue to present as blocks to learning or being able to change as the world changes around us.

Come and meet me though any modality you are attracted to and together we can explore what you need specifically to feel the inner joy that is your birth right.




In this bloke’s world it’s been quite challenging attempting to understand the female world & navigating being in relationship. Marise delightfully revealed, the previously unknown to me, inner relationship between male & female. This awareness of a personal inner relationship has opened a whole new dimension of self - love & the consequent richness in external relationships.

She is joyful, humorous, insightful, courageous & always beautifully unpredictable. She has also been extremely flexible when assisting this bloke in his life of twists & turns. She is able to connect with people in many different contexts and walks of life. I highly recommend her therapeutic services.

Tim Allen


Marise is an incredible facilitator and each month I have been inspired by her integrity and wisdom as a teacher. It takes only a few minutes connecting with her and the group for any outside world concerns to melt away. The Meditation and Mindfulness Diploma has offered me regular and ongoing support in creating stillness within. It has helped me connect with the space that exists inside me that is quiet, loving and gentle. 
Marise has developed her own practice with such dedication and commitment that there is no wasted words, all that arrives through her comes through for the highest good of her students. Marise lives and breathes her practice and it has been such a pleasure and a gift to be guided by her. 

Attalia Egerton 


Marise’s dedication to her own yoga and meditation practice shines through everything she offers. Her guidance in whichever modality comes from a place of depth and wisdom, and from deep experience rather than purely a theoretical basis. I am grateful to have benefited from her amazing support, teaching and guidance as both a student and client in her multi-modalities over many years. She provides a wholistic approach in all areas of life – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual with practical ideas to assist. Marise has been gifted to journey deeply alongside her clients and students with love, compassion, grace, humour and understanding.
Lisa Singline

What a joy this Yoga Day was! Marise has such an incredible, gentle way of sharing her knowledge. So much more than a physical practice, this day (and all of Marise’s offerings) bring a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world around us and the ways in which we are intrinsically connected. Much love xx

Michelle Warrick

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Bachelor of Arts major in History, English and Sociology, Melbourne Uni

Diploma in Education Major in English ACU

Diploma in Meditation ACU
Reiki Master, Linton

Diploma in Meditation and Mindfulness, Linton

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Soul Focused Psychotherapy, Linton

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hatha Yoga, SLY

Certificate in Yin Yoga, SLY

Qi Gong Master Level, Linton

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