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Anaya Grace

Medical Medium Psychotherapist, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, and Crystal Bowl Healing

Feeling stuck, lost and in pain? Be assisted to move through to a place of stability, strength and power. Working with clients experiencing trauma, my knowledge and life experiences provide a safe and nurturing environment to promote profound healing.


Barbara Cook

Re-awakening Your Essence with Meditation, Reiki and Soul Focused Psychotherapy

Are YOU ready to literally change your future by moving through your stuck places to re-awaken your essence and higher wisdom? Be assisted through soul psychotherapy, reiki therapy, mindfulness meditation, dance movement and creativity workshops.


Barney Nolan

Workshop Facilitator
Soul Focused Psychotherapist

Be assisted to better understand anger in your life and find helpful ways to rise above your anger.


Torquay Beauty House

Beauty and Massage Therapist

You will instantly feel connected to this unique person. Attractive on the inside and out, Bridie has a joyous heart that will lift your spirit. In a treatment with her, you will always feel cared for and loved.


Izumi Van Berkel


Meditation Teacher

Soul Focused Psychotherapist

Izumi is passionate about assisting people to be empowered and discover their higher potentials and wellbeing. She is a qualified Yoga Meditation teacher and psychotherapist, who has practiced Qi gong Mindfulness, Hatha, Ashtanga, Restorative yoga for over 20 years with compassion and joy.

Sound Therapy and Soul Focused psychotherapy can help to relieve physical pain, calm your mind, relieve emotional stress and pressure, change states of consciousness and realise the true essence of what we are- deepest parts of consciousness.


Jo Solomon

Helping You Find Happiness

Helping people discover relaxation and calm and move towards transforming their thinking and beliefs. Be supported to find your own truth, stability, personal solidity and pathway to live in happiness no matter what is unfolding around you.


 Linda De Marco

Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, Soul Focused Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Reiki therapist.

I help people implementing positive transformation in their lives. I help you gain inner clarity about what you want to improve in your life and I assist you in achieving such goals. My clients say that both my mindfulness/meditations sessions and my therapy sessions, bring enormous benefits to their lives. Let me help you resolve any issue that is not allowing to reach your full potential.



Wellness in Business Coaching

Ready to approach your business with greater wellbeing which incorporates your highest potentials? Michelle brings a wealth of experience from both the business world and through her wellness and healing modalities to assist you to develop and thrive.

More Coming Soon

Marise has over 30 years experience with yoga and meditation and has used meditation tools with teenage students in an educational setting to improve learning, with adults experiencing anxiety or trauma and with children requiring deep calm to relieve fear responses. Psychotherapy is part of the treatment as the body learns to let go of the fight, flight responses. Call to discuss your wellness plan. 


Nikii - Nikii's Wellness Studio

Soul Focused Therapist, Wellness Coach and Yoga classes for Adults and Children

I am passionate about assisting others to grow in wellness and peace of mind through Soul Focused Wellness Coaching. Meditation and Yoga classes for adults and children are offered from a boutique studio on a peaceful, quiet property in Lara.


Pam Allen

Wellness Practitioner

I can assist you with anxiety and stress.  I tailor sessions for you, so you can reclaim your zest for life quickly. This may involve Counselling, Reflexology or Head Massage. See yourself move from inertia and suffering to solutions and empowerment.


Sandi Dwyer ~ Kitty

Myotherapy Massage, Soul Work, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation,Yoga and Qi Gong, Retreats and Workshops, Massage Training

Be guided and nourished through life's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges. If you feel drawn to grow and evolve towards your highest potential, or, if you are suffering in any way and seek to move beyond that, then we may be ideal travelling companions on the journey.


Jacqui deCoque

Wellbeing Practitioner

Jacqui is a wellbeing practitioner who assists clients in honouring their individual journey through life. In the particular therapeutic perspectives that Jacqui uses there is a space offered to clients as an opportunity to address, and potentially move beyond, any limiting beliefs and/or behaviours that may be impacting on their life.


Jennifer Robinson

Sound Therapy
Soul Focused Psychotherapy
Singing Therapy


Lisa Singline

Musician & Music Facilitator, Soul Focused Psychotherapist, Reiki Practitioner

Do you want to find a way to express your musical self? As a community-based singer songwriter I’m passionate about supportively allowing space for being, play and connection, and to create deep soulful light-filled music that connects, awakens and brings healing.


Marise Jose - Reesy

Meditation Teacher, Qi Gong Facilitator, Soul Focused Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor and Healing Touch/Reiki for trauma release.