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Are there aspects of your life that could be better? 

Life can be a sea of wonderful opportunities, a tidal wave of difficulties, or something in-between.  Often the difference between seeing life as wonderful or terrible is where we choose to focus. I love passing on simple techniques in communication, mindfulness and self-awareness and then watching the positive transformations occur.  How is your life feeling right now?

Hi I’m Pam, I can assist you with anxiety and stress.  Would you like to move from inertia and suffering to solutions and empowerment? I tailor sessions according to your needs so you can reclaim your zest for life quickly. This may involve Psychotherapy, Reflexology or Head Massage. I have real empathy for my clients, as I experienced my own journey with anxiety in my twenties. 

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This is a deep form of counselling that enables you to access subconscious information that normal counselling cannot access.  You close your eyes and we slow down the talking. I guide you to access the subconscious within you, where there are answers to your life’s challenges.  This therapy assists you to access your own inner solutions and wisdom and to experiment with new, empowered ways of being. Are you ready to break down sabotaging behaviours and break free?


Assists your body to find balance through working your feet.  To a Reflexologist the feet represent a microsystem / map of the whole body. It is an incredibly relaxing and nurturing therapy that may assist numerous health conditions.

Indian Head Massage

A delightful seated massage focusing on your upper back, face, neck, head and hair. Fabulous for assisting with migraines, headaches, tight neck and shoulders, stress, eye strain, hair health.  I love watching the change in your body language from room entry to exit.  Faces in deep relaxation are so exquisite!


"I have been having Reflexology treatments for a number of years as I find it very beneficial. I find it very relaxing – I could spend all day having reflexology on my feet! When I have particular aches and pains, such as backache, it helps to relax my muscles and assist the healing process. It is also helpful when I am experiencing asthma problems. I believe it helps my circulation and is also effective for promoting and maintaining good health."

R. Nugent

"Dear Pam, I’m just wanting too thank you for our (Psychotherapy) sessions that we had. I came too you feeling extremely anxious and felt as though I was struggling in day to day life. I started noticing a difference within myself after our second session. You helped me address issues in my life that I thought I could never move forward with. As each week went by, doing the work I felt a lot more relaxed, confident and proud of myself, feeling all of this also had a flow in effect on my sleep, relationships as well as my family. I’m so happy that I took the plunge too come and see you. I have tried numerous things over the last 3 years ( therapy, massage, yoga, nutrition, reiki, given up caffeine and alcohol) I felt like these things have helped short term but not in the way you did. I feel like the sessions have been long lasting and I would highly recommend you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Regards Simone x

"After suffering constant migraine headaches for most of my life, I was urged by a family friend to try a visit to Pam Allen in Belmont. Prior to this I had tried just about every traditional medicine and natural therapy service known to man without any significant sign of help. I had reached the stage where I was just about living on pain-killers. After some brief discussion with Pam, I was advised that Indian Head Massage would probably be more suited to my problems. Even after one visit, I found my migraines decreasing in frequency and severity to the extent that I now, after 5 or 6 visits, only have to resort to the ‘pill bottle’ when I neglect my dietary habits. This is in complete contrast to my former habit of living on pain tablets. I now find that, on the rare occasion that my migraine symptoms appear, somehow or other ‘nature’ takes over and wards off the approaching pain."

Dudley Holroyd

My Story

From childhood Pam was drawn to a deeper exploration of life. When her 10 year administrative job ended in redundancy and her personal relationship ended, her life reached a turning point. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my ultimate potential? 
Pam started to examine the patterns of behaviour in her life and began to answer these questions. 
Through her own journey in psychotherapy she started to work with her negative beliefs. These included beliefs about not being able to change her diet or lose weight (she is now 14k lighter!). Pam believed that she was not fit enough, strong enough or disciplined enough, to go hiking or do yoga. (She has now done two multi day hikes in remote Tasmania and one in Nepal. She is a dedicated yogi, attending 3 classes a week for four years). She also sustains a far more positive outlook on life, seeing possibilities where once there would have been problems.
Pam knows that life is only limited by our beliefs about what is possible.
The knowledge and skills gained within these personal life experiences are now being gifted to you, through all her modalities on offer. She assists you from a personal understanding of what is possible. Helping you make positive transitions is one of her great passions.

"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

Marcus Aurelius


Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Diploma of Education
Diploma of Counselling
Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness
Reiki Master
Reflexology Diploma

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