Good Sleep is Beneficial For You

Our bodies and minds do so much in one day. We have thousands of thoughts and ideas every day and we are physically active with employment, sport, families, hobbies and projects. Our lifestyles in the 21st century can be incredibly busy, so routinely getting a good sleep is incredibly beneficial for our health and wellbeing for dozens of reasons.

Sleep helps you learn and concentrate

While you’re sleeping, your brain is committing information it has absorbed to memory, making it easier to learn and recall the new information. It also gives your brain a chance to catch up and prepare for the next day, improving concentration and productivity.

Sleep helps lower the incidence of disease

Many studies indicate that people who don’t get a good amount of sleep are more likely to have heart complications, strokes, kidney failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure. This is because sleep allows the body to rest, repair, and heal muscles, blood vessels, and contribute to other important functions such as your immune system, insulin levels, and hormone balance.

Sleep can help maintain a healthy weight

The hormones responsible for hunger and fullness require balance to function properly. Sleep aids in maintaining a healthy balance between ghrelin (the hungry hormone), and leptin (the full hormone). When someone is lacking good quality sleep, the body produces more of the hungry hormone and less of the full, making you feel hungrier than you would if you’d had enough sleep. How simple is that as an aid towards weight stability.

Sleep helps with emotional health

During sleep, your brain works on processing emotions as well as new information. When someone is lacking sleep, they are more likely to be irritable, moody, impatient, anxious, and other negative emotional states. Good quality sleep can help reduce mood disorders such as depression and chronic anxiety through the brain’s ability to process and respond to your emotions. Lack of sleep can cause more ‘reactive’ behaviour, like anger and intolerance.

Sleep helps you to function optimally

When you haven’t had enough sleep, important functions such as reaction speeds are significantly impaired, making activities such as driving and working much more challenging. Sleep is essential for keeping your brain sharp, and your body rested and strong to function at its best.

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