The Spirit of Christmas

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It is said to be the most wonderful time of the year. The spirit of Christmas, gathering family and friends together, sharing in the season’s magic, the infectious delight of young children playing, their innocence igniting love and joy in those around them.

However, it’s not always a joyous experience. Christmas can be a challenging time as painful memories, old wounds, hurts and grief can be stirred up. It can be a time for the first Christmas without a loved one; since a marriage or relationship ended; since employment ceased. It can also be a time of guilt and regret, as past words or actions have burned bridges or severed ties.

2020 has seen everyone face the challenge of the corona virus. It was a year no one was expecting. Reflect for a moment on what Christmas means for you now. Is there a deeper meaning to connection, family and friends after being locked down and in isolation. Are there bridges to fix and fences to mend? Has the meaning in giving physical gifts changed since lockdown and just being together is enough? Laughing, sharing.

Are you in a position to spread the spirit of Christmas with someone who may need some support this year? Can you share a meal with someone, offer to run an errand, mow the lawn, fix the mailbox. Any simple act of kindness. It may be simple, but can mean the world to someone really in need this Christmas.

Keep an eye out for someone you feel you’d like to share the Christmas spirit with.

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