What is Soul Focused Psychotherapy?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Soul Focused Psychotherapy

In our modern day living there are many therapies available to choose from.  Most people want something that will be effective, practical and long lasting. Soul Focused Psychotherapy (SFP) is that, and more.  SFP is an effective tool for eliminating physical, mental and emotional difficulties.  It assists in the areas of relationships, anger, guilt, grief, hopelessness, overwhelm, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, addictions, weight issues, death and more. It is also wonderful in assisting personal empowerment, spiritual growth and living your highest calling in life.

What is Soul Focused Psychotherapy?  

This therapy is a deep form of counselling that identifies the core issue within a problem or challenge you are faced with, and supports the reframing of a negative experience to a positive opportunity of learning and growth.  Consider your experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and where you find yourself amidst it.  Are you struggling with fear of an uncertain future, your health and that of loved ones, financial pressures, redundancy, panic, or sadness with people dying, worried you can’t see an end in sight? Soul Focused Psychotherapy zeros in on your predominant feelings and starts to explore your response to situations from that place.  Let’s suggest you are experiencing fear.  It’s not all of you, just one part of you.  In a safe environment, the fear is allowed to rise and be experienced.  It is not avoided, pushed down or dismissed.  It is listened to and validated without judgement.  During the exploration it’s common to discover the beliefs that sit behind the fear and their origins as it’s easy to store up unhelpful and untrue stories about yourself, events and others. Often our clients say, “Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been seeing it this way!” Re-contextualising the experience is life changing, and you have the power to make the shift.  “I can see it more positively now.”

What happens in a Soul Focused Psychotherapy session? 

You take your time outlining the issue you bring to counselling and where you’d like to be at the end of the session.  After sharing your story you are invited to close your eyes (if that is OK).  This blocks out external distractions allowing you to enter into your feeling self.  This can take some time as you begin to access subconscious parts of yourself where the answers can be found regarding your beliefs about your capabilities, deficits, gifts and nature.  Soul Focused Psychotherapy allows you to choose your emotional relationship to any life situation.  It’s that powerful.  Instead of life situations happening to you, you learn to become responsible for the feelings arising within you.  Who do you become in the face of your life challenges after SFP? Often it is our conditioned reactions that produce an automated, negative reaction. SFP assists you to become aware of your reactions and offers you an opportunity to practice responding with awareness.

Relationships improve. Life becomes less confronting. You can move from frightened, blame, hurt, lack and victim, to curious, interested, positive, open and explorative.  You learn to become the witness to life while promoting a more authentic way of living.

Soul Focused Psychotherapy Practitioners at Wellness Gateway

Are you ready to live a more empowered life?  We would love to be of service to you. We have been on a journey of self-discovery ourselves for many years.  We are committed to living a life full of discovery and wellness with practises that encourage our continued growth including meditation, yoga, healthy eating, regular exercise, self-development and our own SFP sessions.

Experiencing financial hardship?  We’ve got this.  Subsidised SFP sessions are available.

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