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It seems that my calm and soothing demeanour and diverse therapeutic skills has been able to lead and support others towards positive change. Is this something you could benefit from?

This may include assisting you to:

  • Relax

  • Heal your physical pain and discomfort

  • Address Musculoskeletal issues

  • Change the way you think, feel or behave

  • Restore balance and harmony to your inner world

  • Clear whatever is holding you back in your life such as: limiting beliefs or thoughts; emotional issues; relationship issues; post traumatic stress; fear; insomnia; self worth.

  • Nourish your overall well-being

  • Change old patterns or habits that no longer serve you

A unique offering is the opportunity for personal retreats, generally over two nights, incorporating seven sessions specifically tailored to your journey. This can be a powerful way to move through inner blockages or to face into difficult emotions or process whatever is holding you back. These retreats may draw on any or all of the intuitive and professional skills I have available, including: myotherapy massage, psychotherapy, yoga, qigong, meditation, hypnotherapy, soul work. 

It is a deep delight to share in the heart centred and soul focused techniques that my current level of development permits.


  • An active therapist since 2003 with 25 years studying, exploring and experimenting with various massage and healing modalities before that!

  • Membership of MAA (Myotherapy Association Australia) previously Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia (IRMA).

  • Membership of IICT as a practitioner and Recognized Training Authority

  • Health Fund rebates

Services Sandi Offers

Sandi’s years of training with her qigong Master has developed a radiance that can impact your session in a positive healing way. This compliments the 25 + years of gathering qualifications, skills and experiences with awesome teachers of Massage, Myotherapy, Psychotherapy, Meditation, Yoga and spirituality.

Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Myotherapy Massage

You are so much more than just the pain pattern you are experiencing, and you are so much more than what you think you are. The aetiology of your pain is explored through all aspects of your being – physical, mental and emotional – according to how you present. The touch experienced in these sessions is deeply nurturing and can include the feeling of the soul being touched through being seen, heard and receiving insights. Deep Tissue, Cupping, Myofascial Release and other modalities are applied in response to your bodies needs and our discussion about techniques and styles that suit you, your healthy tissues and your presenting symptoms.

Sandi’s years of training with her qigong Master has developed a radiance that can impact your session in a positive healing way. This compliments the 25 + years of gathering qualifications, skills and experiences with awesome teachers of Massage, Myotherapy, Psychotherapy and spirituality.

A TeleHealth session is a new and viable way to receive a treatment if you can’t come to me.

As explained above, the nature of pain is complex and can be addressed in several ways: firstly, touch can be invaluable and after a verbal assessment I can guide you to self treat in very specific ways for your condition. Secondly, particular exercises or stretches which can be subtle or strong, depending on the presenting symptoms, are a really important part of any treatment. What you do at home often determines how many sessions you require. Thirdly, Psychotherapy as I practice it, can be profound in releasing the neural patterns that lead to the experience of pain. The research around pain shows us now, that there is very little correlation between the amount of pain experienced and the condition of the muscles or body tissues. Fourthly, we are so much more than just a physical body. At an atomic level everything, including you and I, are 0.000001% physical matter and 99.99999% empty space and energy. Both Qigong and Reiki address the energetic component of your experience and I am trained to Master level in these two modalities (Qigong Master in Training).

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage
rejuvenates your immune system, providing immediate benefits and nourishes the parasympathetic nervous system in a blissful relaxation experience. It can be received immediately after surgery or following intense sporting events to speed up the rate of healing and recovery. It is now being taught to AFL trainers since its benefits have been so well researched and documented. Blissful!!!

Relaxation Massage
combines a sequence of soulfully pure Doterra essential oils applied with Sandi's gifted touch to take you deep into the realms of inner peace and personal healing. There is no talking during this treatment - we allow the oils and the touch to treat the physical, mental and emotional while you retreat quietly into the inner realms. Divine!!!

Cranio Sacral Therapy

A very subtle, very gentle treatment that enables the body to release deep, subconscious holding patterns that can be rooted in physical, emotional or mental trauma. The energies can unravel and unwind as they are released often with twitching or other almost imperceptible movements with often profound results. Trauma at any level can be released in these sessions. Combined with my ongoing training to Master Level Qigong and Reiki, there is the potential to shift a lot of energy.

Image by Edurne Chopeitia

Soul Work, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy

Soul Focused Psychotherapy

This is the work that facilitates profound change and that change can be accessed either face to face in the clinic or via TeleHealth. Through the feelings, we gain access to the deep subconscious where unconscious patterns can be understood and changed by taking responsibility for whom we have been and who we choose to become. These sessions are designed to move you out of your head and what you think about your experience and into your heart to feel the experience, release it, and reconceptualise it to a more useful level of consciousness.

TeleHealth is a new and viable way to access the benefits of these treatments.

People are receiving profound results even when they doubted the process!

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Myopsych or Psychosage
Combines the benefits of massage and psychotherapy to assist you to change old patterns and redirect your life in positive ways. Our mental, emotional and physical bodies have an intrinsic connection. This means that any change we facilitate in one effects the other two. In this session we can combine all three which can be profound. This is a really useful therapy to assist in fertility issues or recovery from illness or injury, low self esteem and much much more!


Harness the power of the untapped resources within your own mind to heal mentally, emotionally or physically. The therapist draws from various styles to assist you to achieve your outcome. These outcomes could be to deal with deep unsettling emotions, complex behavioural issues, or simply to quit smoking or experience a deep guided space of relaxation where you might tap into your highest potential.



These sessions are for those seeking practical, emotional or spiritual guidance and support as they begin their journey into meditation. We explore various techniques and themes to assist you to find that inner place of centre from which alert peacefulness flows. Explore pathways towards living joyfully now.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduces blood pressure;

  • Lowers cholesterol due to a decrease in the stress hormone epinephrine;

  • Assists the immune system;

  • Enhances memory and attention;

  • Slows down brain wave activity which supports the healing of psychological issues such as grief, guilt, unresolved childhood neglect, addiction and trauma; and

  • Balances the emotions

Why try Meditation?
Meditation also creates a space that enables you to find your own truth about - and relationship to - the Divine Presence, or God, or Life Force Intelligence, or ... whatever It is for you. Sandi will offer her own experiences and understandings and there is no expectation of you to agree or take on anything. The exploration is a steady unravelling of beliefs to find the truth as each level of consciousness perceives it. Your perception of truth maybe very different to mine – and what does that even mean? As we expand and share we create an environment of acceptance and non judgement that allows us all to grow in self awareness and interconnectedness.


Yoga and Qi Gong

Yoga and Qi Gong in this space are physically grounding, heart opening and Soul connecting practices. Some benefits include: balancing the nervous system, improving function within muscles, joints and internal organs, increasing feelings of contentment and gratitude, and gaining a steadiness of Being with decreased feelings of stress and anxiety. There is a potential to find and build a relationship to the Divine through the gentle cleansing and opening of energy centres and meridian lines.

Image by Jerry Wang

Retreats and Workshops

Day & Weekend Retreats:

Experience a retreat designed to take you through the consciousness levels that open you to the change or growth you seek. Participants are guided through an exploration of consciousness through universal themes such as: duality - yin and yang, archetypes, the chakra system and other energy systems. These retreats lead participants towards greater understanding of self, others and relationship with opportunities to access the courage to change.

Each retreat includes sessions of yoga, qigong and other meditative practices.

Weekend retreats run from Friday 6pm through to Sunday 3pm biannually.

Day retreats are usually held on a Sunday from 10 till 4.

Personal retreats are available on request and designed around your specific needs.


Massage Training

Conscious Touch for wellness and vitality

 Full day and half day workshops.

Develop skills in palpation and consciously connecting to self and others.

Physical and energetic touch and a Soulful level of consciousness combine in these courses designed to bring increased wellness and vitality to our lives.

Phone to register your interest for upcoming courses or to organise a presentation for your own group.

Diploma of Massage

I am a Registered Training Authority with the IICT so graduates of this Diploma are eligible to apply for insurance.

The course aims to produce massage therapists of compassion and depth who have an understanding of human anatomy and who are psycho-spiritually aware.

It provides 260 contact hours across two years. Weekend retreats and weekly classes provide the structure within which learning takes place.

If you are interested in training to be a therapist then consider booking a session with Sandi to experience the combination of skill, depth and intuition which she intends to lead you towards.


For Sandi:

         Shucking your dress in a blue dropping ripple

         And lying down behind your eyes away from

         Your mind’s constant mirror, you wait for her hands

         To press the secret springs, each

         Opening a wee window

         Like an advent calendar

         Here is a lost garden seat

         And here and here forgotten sweet fragments.

         You rise remembering who you might be.        -        Debbie Hamilton

"The full moon yoga and meditation is sublime! Lisa's live musical accompaniment and Kitty's insights set this experience apart from a regular yoga class. The nurturing continues with quality chai tea. The team at Shining Hearts Wellness Studio offer a diverse skillset, and most importantly, a welcoming environment." 💖Bec Sahr

“Recently Life has challenged me with the most traumatic and saddest time in my life - my youngest son took his own life. When Sandi suggested a 3 day retreat in the wilderness to heal and restore I sensed this was exactly what I needed to reconnect my spirit. I asked no questions. I had experienced Sandi’s healing gift through massage and was aware of her extensive knowledge and qualifications in a range of disciplines. I trusted Sandi to facilitate healing and the restoration of my mind, body and soul.
I was prepared to eat ‘sticks and bark’, fast, sleep on ferns.......whatever was required but the reality was my soul work took place in an idyllic bush setting accompanied by scrumptious nourishing food, warming fires and a comfy bed.
Sandi was able to read my soul’s immediate needs and long term path and she tailored a program specifically designed for me, allowing for flexibility depending on my responses.
I engaged in yoga and Qigong meditation with Sandi and although I am new to theses practices she gently nudged me out of my comfort zone to new learning and opened my mind and spirit to possibility.
Through a symbolic exercise incorporating crystals and stones Sandi guided me to uncover hurts and pains (some buried so deep I didn’t know they were there) and to bring them to the surface where they were released through tears allowing love to flow.
I feel blessed to have experienced this one on one retreat with Sandi. I’ve come away feeling at peace, no longer weighed down by limiting thoughts and beliefs.
I’m confident I’m now equiped to build on my experience. Sandi was the powerful enabler I needed. She has cleared the way for me to intensify the flow of love.
Namaste “ – Kerry Lee

“I would like to say a sincere thank-you for helping me to heal parts of me that have weighed me down for so long... I would like to share my most sincere gratitude and love and appreciation to you. You have helped me to see that there is an overwhelming freedom that lives behind everything I diligently carry and dare to let go... You have changed my life, my most important relationships and the way I view this thing called life... Thank-you for holding a safe space and standing with me in this lifetime. You have taught me the gift of letting go and helped to constantly unearth who I really am...”     Candice

"Just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU!!! You have been a huge help and support for me this year (both mind and body) and I couldn't have done it without you." Fiona Castello

"Just want to thankyou for the time you gave to me and for the freedom you have given me with my back. Everyday I use the techniques you gave me and have incorporated them to daily life. Which have given me the opportunity to start every day pain free. I learned so much from you in a short time, but I feel I'm going to benefit for a long time to come. Thank you so much."           Richard

"Dear Sandi, Thanks to your skilled physical therapy work I made it through the 24 hours of travel home feeling good (no leg pain). I will be taking your written notes to the osteopath when I need another dose. Thanks again, Hank" (U.S.A)

"Dear Sandi, ...thankyou for your extraordinary care of me over the past 6 months. Your counselling and massage have been astonishingly helpful, all HEALING!        Susie Bennett.

"Thankyou so much for all the help and support you have given me. I really appreciate it. I feel you have made such a huge difference to me in such a short space of time. You truly are a blessing... With your help and guidance I've had many breakthroughs and I cannot thank you enough for that. You truly are an amazing person and I feel privileged to have you in my life."  Sharon

"I thank you so much for the light you have brought back into my life. A light that shines brighter each day, that seems to be re-uniting me with my old self, the self with the rejoicing spirit and unconditional love for 'all' things. You are an amazing person with an energy so rare and beautiful. It exudes love and forgiveness. . . I love your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to grow and to heal others on your life's journey. You truly are an inspiration and a treasure."     Tess Edwards

“Dear Sandi, thankyou for your healing hands and your generous spirit!!"   Nina

"For 15 years my job as a Magistrate required long hours of intense concentration, pressure, speed note taking, fast and accurate computer work, dealing with demanding legal counsel and handling the widely variable emotional states of the various other parties involved. In the end I finished up with more knots in my neck, back and shoulders than in a mad fisherman's net. Thankfully, regular massage therapy sessions with Sandi Dwyer and her exercise instruction programme have very substantially sorted me out. She is a highly skilled therapist, and I recommend her to anyone who may have similar complaints.           Max Beck, Magistrate (now retired)."

My Story

Blessed! That’s all I can say. I’ve led an incredible life with lots of adventures, challenges, emotional hurdles and changes. Two continuous threads have been the study of touch and its relationship to mental and emotional wellness; alongside the pursuit of spiritual depth and insight and a deep longing to know Higher Love.

These two threads are still my passions. It feels that to inspire others through my own direct experiences and to assist them towards integration of their own experiences is one of the greatest opportunities of this life and work.

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BA Information Science
Advanced Diploma Remedial Massage (Myotherapy)
Advanced Diploma Soul Focused Psychotherapy
Cert IV Hypnotherapy (Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science)

Advanced Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness
Advanced Diploma of Hatha Yoga
Reiki Master
Qigong Master in Training

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