Subsidised Soul Focused Psychotherapy

How are you feeling and coping with the consequences of the Covid19 pandemic in your life?

Do you have any anxiety or unease and are you looking for counselling assistance?

Covid19 has provided numerous challenges with many finding themselves in unique and challenging circumstances.


This may include loss of employment; issues with meeting bill payments; juggling numerous commitments like working from home and/or helping kids with remote learning; friction within relationships due to constant daily contact; domestic violence; looking after ill, disabled or elderly relatives at home in the absence of the usual support teams; general anxiety about the future; fear of contracting the virus, isolation and loneliness with social distancing; the list goes on.


Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and it doesn’t have to be this way. Our practitioners are ready to help you find a calmer and more empowered experience of life again. We offer you the ability to explore your situation with empathy and understanding.


How does Soul Focused Psychotherapy (SFP) assist people?
SFP is a deep form of therapy enabling clients to access their subconscious. This can reveal previously hidden negative beliefs, allowing them to be felt, seen and recontextualised; hence transforming client’s current issues from impenetrable blocks to workable challenges. SFP works on the understanding that we are more than just physical, emotional and mental beings. It also embraces our spiritual selves, but there is no requirement for people to adopt any spiritual belief or tradition for this therapy to be effective.



Subsidised Sessions

If you are requiring assistance and you are experiencing financial difficulties, we have a number of generously subsided sessions currently on offer. There is a short, simple application process.


Application Process

To apply for these subsidised sessions please follow this simple process:

Step 1. Click on the link Apply.

Step 2. Fill out the document and press ‘send’ at the bottom.

Step 3. Someone from the Wellness Gateway Team will contact you within 7-10 days and discuss your application with you.


Our History
Last year a group of Soul Focused Psychotherapists from the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast Region in Victoria, Australia, decided to create a collective web page as a way to promote and share our beautiful healing modalities. We were close to launching our website, Wellness Gateway, when the Covid19 pandemic surfaced. We knew that we had to be available to assist people and fast. We worked quickly to establish on-line capabilities.

A Big Act of Gratitude
Life has some stunning moments of grace at times and one opened for us. A number of us had worked collaboratively to assist one particular client. We have many different modalities and he really resonated with the underlying thread that unifies our work; Soul Focused Psychotherapy. He was aware of the formation of our new website, Wellness Gateway, and in a heart-felt gesture, gifted us with a donation, both as thanks for the assistance we had provided him, and as an impetus for us to develop our work out into the broader community. The donation was made with terms:

1. On the undertaking that it be used for SFP for the benefit of people with financial constraints in the community
2. That we develop our own system of fundraising to assist people with financial constraints so we could continue to offer subsided sessions.

Who Are We?
We are a group of like-minded psychotherapists who would love to assist people from all walks of life in Australia, through their anxieties and challenges relating to the Covid19 pandemic and with general life issues. Made possible through this donation, we aim to provide subsidised (face to face or on-line) Soul Focused Psychotherapy (SFP) sessions for those in need,  who wish to move from emotional pain to empowerment.


Remember, you are not alone and we are here for you.

With our warmest regards,

The Wellness Gateway Team